A Proctor & Gamble survey showed it can take 60% of those who have taken maternity leave about 4 months to regain their confidence when returning to work. Performance, productivity and engagement are affected. 


It’s not just maternity returners who can experience a lack of confidence. At different stages in life and faced with varying challenges, confidence levels can ebb and flow. Redundancy, retirement, illness, changing roles, entering the workforce for the first time… and so on.


Through my coaching experience, I have met clients at all levels, in many countries, who are held back from realising their full potential by their lack of confidence, which sometimes takes even them by surprise. Once they realise their potential and get back on track again to what they want to achieve, it’s a great feeling to see them succeed.


I care about confidence and how it impacts people, so I have been working for some time to create an accessible and affordable programme, which I finally launched a few days ago. If you want to know more, click here.