As the New Year typically kicks off with new resolutions and determination to do new things / better things / be a different version of yourself, I wonder how many people stop to think about what they do already. I’m talking about living and demonstrating personal values through their own behaviour, wherever they are and whoever they are with.

Sometimes, it is easy to leave your ‘personal self’ at home when you go to work, especially if you work in an environment that is not aligned with your own values and beliefs. So maybe you keep your head down, or you purposely behave differently to be seen as a champion of the company’s values. How does that make you feel? How do others respond to the ‘work’ you in comparison with the real you?

Aside from the stress that can be created by working outside the comfort zone of your own values, you may be presenting an image that others emulate. If you don’t believe in that image as a whole person, i.e. outside of work as well, then do you really want to help create more replicas of that work version of you?

So this year, I challenge you – be the real you, wherever you are. People talk about authentic leadership and its impact on employees, engagement and productivity. I’m talking about just being authentic, whoever you are, whatever you do.

Be bold, be brave – be the best you.


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