Metamize delivers strategic business and HR consultancy, executive coaching and development, enabling individuals and teams to achieve excellent results. Building strengths, confidence and communication, we give a different perspective and approach to reach better outcomes than you may imagine are possible.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is confidential and client-focused, enabling senior executives and business owners to openly reflect on their own desired outcomes without the pressure that comes from such a discussion with peers or the Board. With over 500 hours of coaching experience, we have coached public and private sector executives in their professional and personal development.

Example case studies

Case study 1

A senior Finance executive at a FTSE 250 company engaged coaching support to ensure he was able to effectively gain the support of the new CFO. The outcome was that the CFO was quickly made aware of issues that were impacting team morale and performance, so was able to support the executive in introducing the change required.

Case study 2

The UK Managing Director of a global retail company was struggling to get his creative team to deliver his vision. Through coaching, he was able to find a way to solve the issue and get the results he wanted more effectively.

Case study 3

A high-potential public sector individual wanted to ensure she was able to follow the career path she wanted, rather than the traditional one being proposed. Effective coaching enabled her to confidently draw on her network for support and guidance and she received a promotion into the division she had targeted.

I have found the coaching sessions really useful and I have benefitted from them greatly. The feedback I received... was very useful as I was able to realise what I had achieved over the years and this built my self confidence. It made me think about my topics from a different perspective and this helped me to come to the desired conclusion. I apply the techniques used in coaching sessions to real-life situations to enable me better to deal with them.

Senior Business Analyst, global FMCG company

I have put the tools into practice already and am seeing the benefit. I realised that the path I was taking ... was irrational and potentially career-damaging and have already consciously taken action as a direct result of the coaching session.

Senior Finance Executive, global FMCG company

Strategic Business & HR Consultancy

With over 20 years of experience across a breadth of industries and countries, Metamize solutions to local and multi-cultural, multi-site operations. Areas where we can support you include:
  • HR Strategy planning
  • Planning for and delivering effective change
  • Business expansion – local and international
  • Restructuring and transformation
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including integration
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Start ups

Julie led the HR work stream of the project to create and open a new business in Tanzania for Barclays. Julie was required to work remotely in an unfamiliar and difficult environment. She did this professionally and with a great deal of pragmatism, providing the project with outstanding HR support, and was a key contributor to the project being delivered on time and on budget.

HR Director, Barclays Africa


At Metamize, whether working with a team or an individual, the focus is on strengths, confidence and progress. Our development work with you may take the form of coaching, consultancy, specific training – or a combination, all by agreement with you to fit your specific needs.

Example training courses we offer

Team Development Workshop

Delivered as either one day or two half-day sessions, we look at understanding our ‘blind spots’ – what others see in us that we don’t recognise ourselves. Through facilitated feedback, you and your team will get clarity of expectations and a deeper understanding of what you require of each other. We also use MBTI, a personality-type questionnaire, to delve into personal preferences about ways of working and communicating.

This workshop is suited to any managers and teams who want to open up their communications.

Creating an HR Strategy aligned with your business

Since Dave Ulrich coined the phrase in 1997, ‘business partnering’ and being strategic have been the subject of much debate in HR – mostly about how to do it effectively. Strategy is sometimes overlooked in the rush to create the ‘perfect’ HR model, creating a disconnect from what the business actually needs.

Join other HR professionals and business leaders in this workshop, designed to make you look more closely at your business, future challenges and to understand how to better create and align your strategy.

Back to Business

Returning to work after an extended period away can be difficult, not least because your level of self-confidence may have changed, or you feel left behind by changes in your organisation.

This programme is designed for women returning from maternity leave. Unlike other programmes, the focus is not all about legal rights and what happens if things go wrong. Our focus is on you, your intentions for your career, and giving you the confidence to go back as you mean to go on.

The programme consists of a one-day workshop and three individual coaching sessions.

I was new to the company, leading a diverse team, based in multiple countries. Developing strong, trusting relationships is even harder when you don't get to see your direct reports face to face very often, so I was interested in what this workshop could offer.

It was a great, open and honest environment where the team and I had the chance to freely express what we thought and set the ground for each other's expectations. Having that clarity and understanding how we each liked to communicate made it easier to build rapport and trust, enabling more open conversations even at a distance.

Hayati Yarkadas, former SVP & General Manager, Tate & Lyle

What I may consider normal behaviour from myself may not be considered normal for others. This is the basis for any manager to realize when he/she starts to manage a new team. And even when the manager thinks he or she has seen a lot (geographically, globally), you will still find differences, even in teams 'close to home'.

I enjoyed the experience, it is important to understand how the team thinks. It is also interesting to see differences in the way the team and the individuals respond. Communication was certainly more open than before the session with most of the team. I recommend this workshop to those managing a team, whether in a completely new environment or new team within an existing company.

Vice-President, European Sales & Production

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